Joe L. Garrigo

General Creative Director & Founder Partner, Micropolix
Madrid, Spain

About Joe L.


Composer, writer, singer, actor and creator of the Micropolix edutainment concept.


Catalan, English, Spanish

An idea worth spreading

Knowledge is the master key for a better world. Now we do have the tools in our hands to make changes happen, buy first we have to learn how to use them. The internet as a communication vehicle, the access to information, the role of gaming in the learning process and the everyday easiest access to technology and new resources, may be the key ingredients of a recipe that will help us to break boundaries, both physically and mentally on our way to a better balanced society.

I'm passionate about

Changing and improving our relationship, and mostly the kids relationship with the learning process. Activate in children their hunger to learn and their conscience of the importance of knowledge.


EAAOA Barcelona

Comments & conversations

Joe L. Garrigo
Posted over 4 years ago
What are 10 things YOU know to be true?
1.- Absolute truth is the most relative of all possible truths. 2.- Loving does not mean owning. 3.- The boundaries of our imagination are traced by the education we were able to receive when kids. 4.- Life is risk. No risk is equal to no life. 5.- Security in life doesn't exist. It is an illusion that can easily turn into obsession and make us give up some of the best experiences of our lives. 6.- Knowledge is the master key of our freedom. 7.- I'm the owner of my own silence. 8.- We are slaves of our own fears. 9.- It is not richer who have more, but who needs the least. 10.- Some fine day I'll die.
Joe L. Garrigo
Posted over 4 years ago
Patricia Kuhl: The linguistic genius of babies
Mot much to add. My daughter grew up in a bilingual society, in Barcelona, where everybody speaks Spanish and Catalan. And she went to a school where they had a third language, English. It took longer for her to get them three languages right, but today she speaks the three of them fluently. Being multilingual is a blessing.