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Monterey, CA, United States

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Anon Eemuhs
Posted over 3 years ago
What is the next big essential service governments in the future will provide for their citizens?
In my idealistic view, I wish for the government to have transparency. It could be at a price if they wanted, within reason, but I wish to be able to know what type of things my government is doing. We have advanced past the age of the cold war, and international espionage or war does not make economic sense. The only true threat to countries now comes from minority groups that we either know about but are unable to contain, or don't know about. As a new group of technologically savvy voters steps into our country, we will be learning about scandals about as fast as they pop up, so there is little sense in trying to hide it. A transparent government will at first shock, but will require people to take action and be responsible for their choices. This in turn will lead to (in my progressive idealistic mind) a nation that has understanding and ability to change the nation how they see fit, whilst encouraging involvement in the government itself. Thank you for your time.