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Lee Greenwood
Posted over 2 years ago
Susan Cain: The power of introverts
I think the most vital element of this Talk is the need for balance - It's easy to get trapped in arguments over whether introversion or extroversion is better suited to the world, or to particular situations - The key lesson for me is the need to cultivate balance; as individuals, as groups and companies and at a cultural level. This talk resonated with me deeply, and I identify very strongly with the archetypal introvert - I love spending time alone, thinking things through by myself - Yet only a few days ago I transcended my own introverted side to be the on-stage host for TEDxPortsmouth. This was a massive challenge for me, and pushed me far outside my comfort zone - Willingly putting myself out there in front of my peers and colleagues, talking for that amount of time, is an act of courage I never would have considered even 6 months ago. The key thing I learned from hosting a TEDx event? Balance. Being able to balance the many benefits to my thinking of spending time alone, with the genuine creative outlet of sharing those thoughts, has been both cathartic and transformative. I feel more complete for being able to honour both my introversion and the need for occasional extroversion. Human beings are naturally rhythmic - There are many biological and psychological oscillations in our lives, across many different spectrums. Perhaps the time has come to recognize the rhythmicity of introversion and extroversion? Balance is not the same as equilibrium, where the 2 ends of the spectrum are equally distributed - True balance lies in recognizing what part of our nature - again as individuals, groups and culturally - is currently asserting itself, and to honour that part fully. Balance is also knowing that this is just a phase, and the time will come for other aspects of our nature to have their time to shine.