About Justin


I am a student at Tilburg University in the Netherlands and I love lots of stuff like music, internet, TED.com and CNN (good TV station)

An idea worth spreading

That you should travel more with public transport

I'm passionate about

the environment, music, girls (I am a guy so wot do u expect?), my study, god, my family

Talk to me about

the way internet is changing our lives

People don't know I'm good at

Programming in Java and HTML (I am a preppy finance student), but I also love computers, system language and mathemathics

My TED story

Well, I think I will produce some story in the future!

Comments & conversations

Justin Groenedaal
Posted over 3 years ago
Where do our thoughts come from?
your brains....but where do existence could come from? What would be the definition or better said question if something I see as BLUE is also BLUE to you? It is too difficult to answer....
Justin Groenedaal
Posted over 3 years ago
How do you see the future of literature? Do yo think that shorter forms such as poetry and microstories will gain more weight?
Even though new devices like the iPad and ebooks on these devices will become popular and more people start reading, books will never disappear....BUT literature will digitalize more in short 'microstories' as you call them. People will express themselves more via social media instead of paper & pen style. A short example... 100 years ago, wooing a lady was done by writing love letters to her, well honestly thats what my dad did in a few decades ago, now eveyone uses social media to express their thoughts.... Are human thoughts literature? Well, that's where it all starts...