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Craig McGorry
Posted over 4 years ago
What is the difference between education done by computer videos and the real life version, and which is better?
About 7 years, I started using video in my music classroom. This was pre-YouTube, so I was making VHS and showing it on a VCR and TV in my classroom. I had a piano lab and I found that it was better to pre-tape a lesson and have students watch me on video, while I walked around and helped them make minor adjustments to hand position, etc. Next, I started making videos for YouTube for my students who were learning soprano recorder, a wind instrument. Many students benefited and I've also received global comments about how helpful the videos have been. Khan's ideas are fantastic. The question posed here: Which is better, computer videos or a live teacher is not the one to ask, in my opinion. The better question is how can they be used in conjuction with each other? Khan touches on this. The teacher becomes a crucial evaluator and facilitator or work done in the classroom once the students have seen the video lecture the previous night. If you are familiar with Bloom's Levels of Taxonomy, learning takes place on many levels, starting with just gaining knowledge (information) and going up to higher levels that involve applying that knowledge. Computers and/or video learning can assist in this. But, a live teacher is a crucial factor. The right line of questioning can help bring a student to a higher level of understanding. The right analogy at just the right time, provided by an experienced educator, can illuminate for a student an are that was previously covered in darkness.