J Turner

Beverly Hills, CA, United States

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Expert in the power and trends of beauty. Ten years of writing on the rules of fashion and the potential of women at www.beyondbeautifulbabe.com.



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fashion and lifestyle journalism

An idea worth spreading

Women's magazines are the Rule Books, telling women to diet to the size of 14-year olds, wear hobbling heels, and color their hair before heading to the grocery store. If we choose to follow these crippling rules, then we must demand something in return - not just the hope of a husband to support us. We must understand the power of beauty and use it when we want, and also move beyond our fears that we are less-than beautiful just because our faces, bodies and shoes are not in magazines. Like Lady Gaga, beauty is not just Pretty Barbie. Fearless is the new face of Beauty, and I am an expert in the power and trends of beauty.

I'm passionate about

Helping women acknowledge the power that is given, and lost, when they define themselves under society's rules of pretty. My goal is to redefine beauty as fearlessness.

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Redifining beauty as fearlessness; using design and fashion to maximize the potential of people, space and stuff. Beauty is as important as class, green building & politics, but it is unacknowledged.

People don't know I'm good at

I am an expert in the power and trends of beauty. I help women go beyond the rules of beauty (Barbie, skinny, pretty) to show their fearless, true selves - which is where true power resides.

My TED story

I am an expert in the power and trends of beauty. The last acceptable prejudice is to discriminate against the ugly. Beauty is an enormous, unacknowledged currency. If you want a better job, get better-looking. If you want more choices for marriage, you know what to do. But the rules of beauty are changing. Plastic surgery has created more "beauties," and there's a hunger for someone who stands out, aka Lady Gaga. Beauty is as important as class, green building, & politics -- perhaps even more important because it is unacknowledged and the punishment to the ugly goes unchecked. As Freud meant to say: "Beauty is destiny."

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