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President, Veterans' Hope
Wylie, TX, United States

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I am a Personal Historian who compiles important stories which can change society for the better into anthologies under the theme of TRIUMPH. Each book is genre-specific and raises funds for the population each book represents. My first book, entitled The Triumph Book, is a collection of stories from people who have endured severe tragedies and who have found purpose and joy in life because of them. I am currently writing a book of first-person veteran stories spanning the last 70 years called HEROES which will raise awareness, appreciation and support for the veterans.

I am also the co-founder and President of Veterans' Hope. Here is a description of this organization:

Veterans’ Hope is a vital liaison between service men and women and the organizations created to meet their needs. We will function as the facilitator of community events and summits, working with state and federal organizations, and connecting the military with the American people while increasing awareness and support for the veterans’ needs. Veterans’ Hope will also provide carefully designed innovative and effective programs for addressing a few of the most challenging issues of our veterans: PTSD and Unemployment

Through the deployment of several motor coaches (known as Mobile Information Command Centers – MICCs), each equipped with a comprehensive data-base system, Veterans’ Hope will harness the efforts of thousands of charitable organizations, veteran-owned businesses, government contracting companies and other networking resources from across the country. We will work with the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs and each branch of the military, as well as the United States Chamber of Commerce and civic organizations, to make a positive change in the lives of those service men and women and their families who need support in a wide variety of ways.

Our vision is to have at least one MICC in every region, assuring our veterans that they are still, and always will be, a valuable asset to this country and that the American people appreciate their sacrifices. Veterans’ Hope will work to be the leader in veteran support and the largest grass-roots mobile outreach program in the country.



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An idea worth spreading

Every Veteran is a Hero! Every veteran left loved ones and the important things in their lives to fight, struggle and endure with the constant possibility of being killed, maimed or suffering unseen scars, leaving nightmares and depression in their wake. Every veteran withstood these conditions not for an hour, not for days, but the duration of their tour; and sometimes for more than one. Every veteran is the epitome of selflessness, love and heroism; Veterans are the greatest among us!

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about giving people a voice, allowing them to find purpose and meaning in their lives as they use their stories and experiences to inspire others.

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Improving our lives, living with purpose, serving others and using our adversities and challenges as the catalyst for growth and greatness they are meant to be.

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Tahitian dancing

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After the SIDS death of my 7 month old daughter and using my story to inspire and help others, I created The Triumph Program, which is a process to help people discover, write and share their own triumph stories. There is now a Triumph Program for Overcoming PTSD which allows veterans to find meaning and purpose in their war experiences, write their important and historic stories and use them to strengthen our nation.

I am also in the process of creating a mentoring program which allows veterans to use their heroism and become role models and mentors to at-risk youth. Many of our veterans are struggling themselves to reintegrate into civilian life after extended tours on the battlefield and the opportunity to continue serving our country by mentoring her wayward citizens can provide them with the sense of purpose and usefulness that is often lacking as they return home from war. In this way, the veterans themselves receive valuable service through those they mentor.

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Melanie Davis
Posted about 3 years ago
Which relevant/important events currently unfolding around the world are being ignored by the media? Why are they relevant?
During a week when five US Soldiers lost their lives in battle, nothing was mentioned, but plenty of coverage was given to a drug addicted, whore mongering celebrity. Our military is out fighting a war, putting their lives and limbs on the line to protect freedom (and I don't want to debate about whether the war is right or not, it doesn't matter, they are selfless heroes for going where their country has sent them) and they don't even get a passing honor. Those who are willing to give their all to protect and defend their country are our true heroes, not the sports and movie stars. Our media is failing miserably by not providing information which allows our citizens to be aware, appreciative and supportive of their efforts. The end result is that our veterans return with very little support as our citizens are completely ignorant of them, and the every day struggle for survival continues as they deal with PTSD and it's resulting depression, divorce, drug addiction, alcoholism and even suicide. It is as if they have been left alone on the battlefield, with no intention to ever really bring them home!