Deb Wharfe

Healer, Idea Creator
Auckland, New Zealand

About Deb


Who am I? I didn't expect this to happen and trust me, I did my best to resist...
Being born into a bit of a rocky existence, I really did hope that this was to balance out into a normal later life.
Not the case.
The career I imagined, was always going to be led by deep personal relationships, but that role was in teaching something like social studies to ten year olds - not teaching and enabling the skills for humans to become spiritually divine.

I died when I was nine and it was probably this more than anything that made me able to see and communicate with a dimension I still struggle to understand. It is what it is though, and I would prefer to deal with others lack of belief and understanding rather than my own lack of authenticity and personal quashing of the gifts I have been given.

Hi, my name is DEB, I am a channel - a conduit between live people built by good old classic DNA, and other dimensions. Dimensions I choose not to rationalize or label and only seek to understand as much as I can.
Instead I look at the outcomes - the deliverables of what I do.

For some incredible reason I can make miracles happen to live people, based on what I believe to be the good will of something much bigger than us.

I express myself as DEB X, the X is a kiss, it also represents a revolution in the way we think, the claim that we are okay with not just the unknown but the incomprehensible. Every time I sign off with an X, it represents unlimited possibility, that some things are miracles regardless of description, that it doesn't matter who I am, I just AM - and it's what we can achieve together that counts.
It's about progress and harmony, life like we never knew it, where all humans can live in peace, and honour and trust each other in the thought we are bigger than the single and have power that is mighty.

My reason for being is to help humanity use its own divinity - to teach each and every soul has the ability to be magic, to be filled with purity and love, and enriched with unlimited potential.
My work defies description, and for that reason, most of my Clients call me their 'Miracle Lady.'

My job is to teach others how to use this limitlessness, and to lead those who wish to live in a world not pervaded by consumables - but wrapped in true happiness.



Areas of Expertise

Humanitarian, Reiki Master Teacher, Click Energy Healing , Social Inspiration, BioSonar Imaging Therapy - Founder

An idea worth spreading

BioSonar Imaging Therapy - creating a Soundscape hologram of the human body, healing on a one to one level and crowd healing - identifying pain with a click of the fingers. Working on a hologram to create one person with a soundscape, then healing that one person, is not only possible - I do it. It's simplicity in healing, taking charge of wellness and bringing AMPowerment to others.

I'm passionate about

helping sceptics create magic with energy, infusing joy into everyday life, helping and teaching people how to use their own power to create incredible personal healing.

Talk to me about

coming to speak at TED.

My TED story

My Uncle introduced me to TED about 1 year ago and I love it.

Comments & conversations

Deb Wharfe
Posted over 1 year ago
Andres Lozano: Parkinson's, depression and the switch that might turn them off
This talk immediately gave me food for thought in my practice. I am not a scientist or a doctor. I explore and work with energy. Some people believe in this, and some don't and I'm ok with that. In my experience with energy, some physical improvements can be made deep inside the body - no invasions from sharp objects, people, drugs etc. I am now considering running trials and have also referred this talk to someone who may benefit greatly from the medical information. Thank you very much for this inspiring talk.
Deb Wharfe
Posted almost 2 years ago
Janet Echelman: Taking imagination seriously
Janet, your generous spirit is glorious. Thank you so much for not giving up. I was wowed by this video, and then when a client came to me for guidance, I was prompted to refer her to your work. She was an architect travelling from New Zealand to Europe, and your worked wowed her too. Your gift, became mine, as she sent me a photograph of your amazing exhibition in Amsterdam. I feel twice blessed and have shared you with my blog readers. Please put New Zealand on your list.
Deb Wharfe
Posted almost 4 years ago
WHAT IF your top 5 personal ideas met collaborative action, write here. A TED BUCKET LIST of ideas worth spreading w/ angels in the wings.
1. I will be financially established/supported enough to open a healing centre for people who have been told they have no hope to experience for free the magic of energy medicine. Offering 3 healings per person and 1 healling to their primary caregiving angel. Funding through philanthropic gifting, self funding through merchandise sales & through registrations from affiliated healers. Trading financial energy for love and time. (i have a healing centre in New Zealand called Miracleworker) 2. I will travel the world doing Free Hugs, continuing to raise the awareness of the simple healing power of unconditional love. 3. I will travel the world and continue to teach the healing power of energy medicine in a playful way to the darling small lights of our planet, so they can enjoy the magic that is their birthright, stand strong in the face of adversity and teach their parents, caregivers or teachers to remember their own gifts. I will teach this in plain english to ordinary everyday big people, including sceptics and cynics - because, when I work - even they can feel it. :) 4. I will shine, uplift, inspire and illuminate light, truth, beauty and grace wherever possible in all people I meet. 5. I will attract appropriate like minded souls to support, enhance and grow with and alongside on my journey. Ok so there is one more thing. I click my fingers to shift energy. Everyone can feel it. My personal wish is to teach/speak this one day at TED and open people to instant, simple magic & miracles. "I looked into the hearts of some people with no joy. I discovered they did not believe in magic. And childishness to them seemed stupid. They were so upright and yet so bent over, it seemed to me they could not help but see the stars and also see the daises. It came to me their hearts were blind and caged and they needed my help to see. It was the most joyous task I have ever undertaken." I honour you Terry, for allowing me to release my dreams to the universe. Deb x
Deb Wharfe
Posted almost 4 years ago
WHAT IF your top 5 personal ideas met collaborative action, write here. A TED BUCKET LIST of ideas worth spreading w/ angels in the wings.
Daniel I'm a Free Hugs Angel in New Zealand. Not something everyone would do - or believe in, but it's my kind of real. Happy to say I've hugged people from all over the world in the last week due to the Rugby World Cup being held in Auckland. I'm not religious, but I appreciate religions are necessary for some people. I pray to God (which in my childhood home was considered a fantasy) I heal peoples aches, pains & stress with thought energy. Angels - I ask them for help - never heard of them being bad, however I've held conversations with religious people who don't believe in them. So I'd like to share that in my experience they are not exclusive to religion.