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president & co-founder, AIESEC in Joinville
Joinville, Brazil

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Ronan Diego de Oliveira
Posted over 4 years ago
Should the internet be a fundamental right?
Mark, I think the same. Besides, I don't see internet as a fundamental right, but it is different when we talk about freedom of expression and access to information. However, nobody should has the rights to prevent you from accessing it - for me this would be crime since it is against your rights. Internet has been playing a role of the most important way to communicate and access information. Furthermore, it works as a powerful tool to generate opportunities. Through it you build social networks, you can learn about almost everything, you improve your possibilities of having success in your professional life - whether it is your goal - and even start building a family. Therefore I see that internet soon will become as important as the superior education is nowadays. There is a big difference of average salaries - it doesn't mean quality of life, but it can be strongly related to - of people who attend a superior course and people who don't because of the opportunities and preparation that the superior education offers. The same will be with internet: the "lack" of internet access will work as a limitation for people under this condition. I don't know yet how to provide internet access to everyone in the world, but I believe that it would be very important to make the world better and I looking for solutions.