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Lee-Michael Pronko
Posted over 3 years ago
Evgeny Morozov: How the Net aids dictatorships
"The big difference is that with social networks now, a legitimate movement can activate hundreds of people more than it would have been capable 10 years ago." In response to this, I would argue that one just has to observe the current crisis in Libya to appreciate the value of social mobilization, but not just as the product of information communication technology or social media. In fact, almost no social media or at the very least cellphones were and are being used to communicate and organize because the interent has not been active or accessible. Further, as for your point of organization being possible now more than ever, it does not follow when observing the cases of Libya or even Egypt for that matter. In Egypt similarily to Libya, we can observe how during the latter developments of the revolution the state had restricted access to the interent, cellphones and instant messangers. From this effect, Egyptian citizens utilized older methods of information communication technology such as fax machines and dial up modems in order to mobilize and organize. In either case where the idea of social media as the ultimate tool for socio-political change is held as the dominant driving force of revolutions, I would suggest one missess the point that in all revolutions the people have to will the change first. Though social media is important without the awarness of oppression and motivation of the people to will the change no matter how much utiliazation of social media, socio-political change cannot and will not occur. The people will mobilize no matter as long as the awarness of oppression is made manifest in the conscious of the people. Nonetheless, I would like to make it clear that I am not against social media for it is infact a great tool for the rapidity of awareness, but I would exercise caution in terms of thinking it is the only way in which a "legitimate movement" can take place.