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Being a mother is to give and to build life. A commitment to dedicate a huge amount of your time to educate in a creative, critic and fun way. This requires constant observation, interaction, common sense and love. There will be routine, uncertainness, frustration, crying, not sleeping, stress and no short term recognition. It is a full time job and it's not for everyone. It's OK not to have children and it shouldn't be a society pressure to do it. I just saw a TED talk of Jammie Oliver on "educating children about food". He includes in his talk a video of american children who don't know what a cabbage is. I can't stop thinking that this problem goes a lot further. Families nowadays want to do too many things and are forgetting the essential. We should slow down a bit and go back to basics. Make it simple. It's a matter of choice.

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Health, cooking, nutrition, children, dermatology, sports

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Aline Neumann
Posted over 4 years ago
Our idea is to engage the workplace in Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. To teach 350,000 employees how to cook and experience fresh foods.
I saw the other day a very interesting nutritionist that include in her treatment cooking classes. She actually had a full equipped kitchen in her clinic. I thought "what a great idea". The truth is we don't know how to cook anymore! And once we start eating healthy, fresh and good food it's addictive. I'm sure there are many ways the companies could promote it. It's a great step towards a cultural change.