Jim Clark

Adjunct Professor/Washington State University & The University o
Pullman, WA, United States

About Jim


I have spent over 35 years as a professional in the advertising, PR
and marketing communications business. Now, I'm semi-retired
and teaching marketing communications and creative thinking
part time at Washington State University: Edward R. Murrow School of
Communications and The University of Idaho.

Areas of Expertise

Creative thinking, Integrated marketing and marketing communications, Teaching for "learning"

An idea worth spreading

People need to watch Sir Ken Robinson's
presentation on creativity and education.
It's brilliant. No, more than that. It's
dangerous for people who want to keep
students from asking questions and
thinking creatively.

I'm passionate about

People thinking creatively and "being" creative. And,
good, simple clear writing that dares me to
ignore it.

Talk to me about

How we can get rid of all those professors who care more
about their own ego and research than teaching "real world"
stuff to students. Too many of those exist. Kids suffer.

People don't know I'm good at

Graphic design

My TED story

I'm hooked on the TED Talks. Brilliant stuff. In fact,
my students are assigned exercises that force them
to watch the presentations. But when they do, they
also get hooked. My favourite talk is by Sir Ken
Robinson on education and creativity.