Gavin McQuillan

Hardware Technician, Google Inc.
Portland, OR, United States

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Gavin McQuillan
Posted over 4 years ago
A conversation with GE: What are the best ideas for alternative energy management at home?
Speaking to John Garrett's comment below: It seems like we have pretty good numbers on the amount of energy we can easily conserve, sources of energy to replace current, dirty fuels, but we don't have a comprehensive strategy for combining these two disciplines. Maybe we should enlist economists or game-theorists to strike up incentives and deterrents that encompass both of these strategies, but on a personal level. A singular program, whether philanthropic, governmental or self-bootstrapped that combined these ideas into one program would huge in my opinion.
Gavin McQuillan
Posted about 6 years ago
Yann Arthus-Bertrand: A wide-angle view of fragile Earth
I've watched the film "Home" itself, and the videography is absolutely beautiful. The content was spot on. The narrator had regal countenance. However, the writing suffered from browbeating the viewer for almost the entire duration of the film. People can hardly feel enthusiastic, or even optimistic, about the future of our species afterward. Is that the point?