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Colin Willis
Posted over 3 years ago
The potential for reducing atmospheric CO2 levels through solar-desalinated irrigated vegetation of the Sahara and Arabian deserts.
Excellent work. Did you investigate potential for tidal power? I've been reading lately about concepts of urban farming its not an oxymoron but rather verticaly structured buildings that do some sequestering of their own and, although it remains conceptual, appears very promising as a solution to provide nutritious, dependable, local variety of foods.... it's skyscrapers alive and focal points of urbanscape... I'm sure all to familiar however here's what Dickson Despommier had to say. Neet stats... ie a one block area 30 stories high would feed 50,000 pop sustainably. The farming industry is responsible for as much carbon emissions as all the cars on the road.... Thanks for your dedication. I look forward to reading your thesis. Colin