Duane Anderson

CEO, Anderson Franchise Group
Altamonte Springs, FL, United States

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As the CEO & Founder of Anderson Franchise Group, Duane brings years of business and marketing experience to the Franchise Consulting arena. A graduate of the University of Florida and a “Serial” Entrepreneur, he understands the process of business development, growth and mentoring. He has a passion for helping others discover business ownership and generating financial freedom and success in their lives.

Duane is also a speaker, aspiring author and business consultant to various entrepreneurs and assists in the business and personal growth development process.



An idea worth spreading

The idea of paying it forward. Helping others to reach their goals so in turn that can be passed down to others. When I help others, I don't expect a favor in return. I expect them to help others in their contact sphere. If we influence each other positively we can see a huge change for the better in our communities.

I'm passionate about

Bringing out the inner gifts in others. Helping them to see the potential within themselves. I have a passion for helping others discover their true passions and creating success in their lives.


Univ of Florida

Talk to me about

Business opportunities, possible joint ventures, networking, speaking engagements, idea generation, sharing a sphere of influence, making a change in the community

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Duane Anderson
Posted about 3 years ago
What moves you to your best?
Outside influences like a nice day or soothing music always puts me at ease, but essentially for me it's the freedom that I can have as a result of my efforts that moves me to my best. When I share those ideas with others and inspire them to get the best out of themselves and for them to find their freedom, it produces a satisfaction that I can hardly put into words. I like making connections and sharing ideas. I'm inspired by the stories of others and live to create opportunities for myself. My goal is before I'm done is to inspire millions to reach their maximum potential and for them to pay that mindset forward to their future generations.