Tamara Kurdadze

The Nordnet Trading Room
Tbilisi, Georgia

About Tamara


Currently a near-graduate Economics student from Jönköping International Business School

Areas of Expertise

Economics, Little of this, little of that!, People Behavior

An idea worth spreading

F. A. Hayek & the whole concept of Austrian School of Economics, Optimal Solutions from the Austrian Perspective, Economics of Longevity, Research on Increasing the Life-span, Also: everything related to Natural Sciences and History

I'm passionate about

Economics, Science, Horseback Riding, Chess, Winter Sports, Literature, History

Talk to me about

Science!, Economics, Quantum Physics, Rational Choice, Evolutionary Biology, Cross-disciplinary Research, Academic Research,

People don't know I'm good at

Making connections (between unrelated areas of research), Contemplating Life and Life-related Phenomena, Philosophy (or more Philosoph-is-ing)

My TED story

I am yet another admirer of the TED concept, the TED Speakers and TED overall, hoping to update my TED story if one day I will get a chance to get involved with TED