Kimo Kekahuna

Honolulu, HI, United States

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From a long line of chiefs. Native Hawaiian rights activist. Messenger, gatekeeper and keeper of the sacred drum in the temple of the sun god. Keeper of secrets.

An idea worth spreading

The old world ends 2012. The dawn of a new age of enlightenment and peace. Before there can be healing and growth you must have peace. Hawaiian culture has no war on New YEars DAy. I suggest that we easily can start a global movement for peace that has tangible result. Starts in Hiroshima with last of the Habakusha survivors of the bomb.. hit one beat on the peace drum in peace museum under the 24 hour peace clock... a global drum circle that rolls across the world an hour at a time... as people celebrate New Years and rebirth... in Japan, Korea, China, India, Egypt, Africa, Brazil.. all around last to Hawaii... with President Obama home for holidays. The drum circle is free.. it costs nothing to participate. Facebook could make this happen. The drum is universal language indigenous gift to the world in Peace. We need ONE day of no war. No killing anyone. Internet can make it happen. Costs nothing. Everyone gets credit. It can work.

I'm passionate about

A Day of World Peace 1/1/12. Preservation, restoration and growth of native Hawaiian culture. Hawaii assuming its role in world society.

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Kimo Kekahuna
Posted over 4 years ago
The Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) is a low-cost, high-performance, open source 'civilization starter kit.'
Distributive Production was refined to high art in native Hawaiian civilization and way of life.. called Alohaaina. It begins with respecting the land and the sea and that people are not above nature only part of nature. These modules are ancient not new thinking. The god of the sun give many levels of free energy and healing, The wind , the sea, the goddess of the volcano all have gifts that can heal the world. But for any healing and growth.. first there must be peace... all efforts should be to realize a Day of World Peace... to show it can be done , that we can live in harmony with self and nature.