Tatsuaki Iriya

Postgrad student in biomedical and nuclear engineering, the University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

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TEDxUTokyo Key Organizing Team (2012)

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Tatsuaki Iriya
Posted 8 months ago
Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work
Well, I think being positive is a good thing. But to be honest, often times I feel this "being positive solves anything" claim is overly simplistic. This near obsessive culture of positivity creates pseudoscience which claims that positive thinking can cure almost any disease and bring any of your dreams into reality. In the positive thinking creed, the concept of value is simple. Positive: good. Negative: bad. This simple sense of worth leads to brain freeze or interpreting problems in your own favor, which results in neglecting serious issues. If you follow the advice of positive psychology presented by this speaker, the poor girl pushed off of the bed and badly hurt her leg cannot bitch about the physical pain because complaining is a negative act. She needs to endure the unendurable, and keep tragic and painful efforts of being a shining unicorn. But her efforts of being positive does not cure her cracked leg. Perhaps those who gave applause to this talk without worrying a bit about negative aspects of positive thinking, should also learn about critical thinking and its methods, and try to make judgments more carefully.
Tatsuaki Iriya
Posted 9 months ago
Louie Schwartzberg: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.
I think people always ask for the moon, we seek things that we cannot reach. We miss nature while we’re living in a city, and in the same way, we miss city life while we’re living in nature. We are born this way. Even after watching this talk, I have to admit the strong presence of power that city wears, which attracts talented people, every kind of product and service, and capital from everywhere around. After all, the richest lifestyle, I think, is to have access to both the city and nature.