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Dimitris Karayannis
Posted over 4 years ago
Ali Carr-Chellman: Gaming to re-engage boys in learning
A really interesting talk. I always thought that teaching methods are somehow not in touch with children, and indeed, especially with boy culture. And as a gamer as well, I do believe that game mechanics can be adopted in classroom and bring positive results. To put it simple, when we are playing a game we do feel the motivation to advance, to raise our skills and this is all thanks to cleverly designed mechanics. I personally haven't felt anything close to that kind of motivation all these years at school. In the classroom, you have to be the ideal student that can learn everything by the book, write politically correct compositions, never let your passion for something to be part of your school life. And on a slightly unrelated note, the notion that boys should act in a certain way (regarding their self and their feelings) is also holding us back.