Chris Cole

Creative Director, Everly
Nashville, TN, United States

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Make things that mean something.


English, Spanish

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Creative Writing, Photography, Brand and Identity Design


Vanderbilt University

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Chris Cole
Posted about 3 years ago
Has a TED Talk ever influenced you? How?
Chris, Your talk on “Crowd Accelerated Innovation” inspired us to think big about how sharing videos can be used to slingshot good ideas into mainstream culture. So we created, a curated gallery of videos about innovative ideas. Assuming that only half of the people who have gone to the “Charlie bit my finger – again!” video on YouTube ( watched all 59 seconds, then humanity has spent 253 years watching that one video. Imagine the change we can create if we harness that power to share innovation in video format. Thank you for inspiring us with your talk, Chris. We hope that can continue working with the crowd to shine light on ideas and create desire to do good. Cheers, -the Innovideo team