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I can describe myself as web strategist, cause what I do for living is help various web projects gain some exposure around the web. Other than that I own a little facebook templates store and blog about various internet marketing topics.



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SEO, SEM, Networking, Marketing + Branding

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Anything related to SEO, Social Networks, Startups & stuff like that :)

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Tim Soulo
Posted over 3 years ago
What are the best facebook apps to use to create multiple pages of content within a facebook business page?
Hey Benjamin, my answer to your question would be - "I haven't seen an app, which will allow having 100's of sub pages within your Facebook page, and I'm not sure Facebook allows it after all". May I ask you why do you need to have that many sub pages after all? Having some experience in facebook fan pages (I own facebook templates store http://fbml-templates.net) I can say that most people will never return to a facebook page once they clicked "Like". They will just see some updates of that page in their news feed and interact with those updates. Anyway, since Facebook now allows you to incert iframes, what you can do is create a jQuery slider with 100 pages in it and incert it into an iframe. This will let you have 100 pages under a single facebook page tab.