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San Luis Obispo, CA, United States

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Ann Lorenzen
Posted about 3 years ago
What's the overlooked gem, the book I haven't read that I must?
The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay--an unforgettable and frequently overlooked work.. So good, in fact, that he bowed to countless requests and put out a Young Adult edition. Charles Portis' do-not-die-before-reading books, including True Grit, Gringos, Norwood, etc.--totally and unexpectedly delightful w/a remarkable sense of place, time, and dialect. Superb! Little Heathens--an autobiographical jewel written by a retired English teacher about growing up in Depression-era Iowa--laugh-out-loud and marvel at the challenges, the adventures, the sheer wonderment of being a Little Kid and being responsible for the cleaning of the pig's head prior to the making of good, old-fashioned head cheese. Recipes included.