Maksim Katsnelson

Artist, MoMA
Bronx, NY, United States

About Maksim


My name is Maksim Katsnelson I was born in Russia on May 15th 1986. I came to the United States with my family in 1991. I went to school, in England, I sell paintings, play guitar do all sorts of sports, and make videos.


English, Russian

Areas of Expertise

Art, Music, Film, Dance, martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, Swimming

An idea worth spreading

Peace and Happiness, Passion and Love, Hope for Humanity, Creativity and Knowledge

I'm passionate about

Art, Music Science, Philosophy, Movies.

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My TED story

I like asking questions.

Comments & conversations

Maksim Katsnelson
Posted about 3 years ago
Carvens Lissaint: "Put the financial aid in the bag"
In short, you are saying that the speaker should use the system that we have to fix reality? BUT the point of his talk is that the system is not working well at all for many people, especially African Americans. PS: Only someone who has had the opportunity to study whatever they wanted would write a comment like yours, and I understand that because I come from a boarding school background, but not everyone is as fortunate as us, And they should be in this respect, in modern day America. The speaker is trying to explain why people turn to violence and is demanding change in the system by talking.
Maksim Katsnelson
Posted over 4 years ago
Is there anything more important for humanity, and its long term survival, than knowing the "truth"?
I think there are a lot more important things for humanity and it's long term survival than knowing the truth. Love for example. If Christopher Columbus never discovered America a lot of Native American tribes wouldn't have suffered their cruel fate. If Albert Einstein never discovered E=MC squared then no bombs would have been dropped on Japan causing countless pointless deaths. The fact is that truth can be more harmful to humanity, and can be the cause of it's destruction. It would be far more wiser to have age old secrets, than just spilling out the truth to everyone. What would happen to the world if one day everyone would know the secrets of the Universe. Not everyone is capable of handling the truth. Your question "Is there anything more important for humanity, and it's long term survival, than knowing the truth"? I gave an important example of Love. If you find out all the secrets of the universe and on your deathbed you would have regretted your life and called it a waste for there was no love, just truth. So therefore I believe there are far more important things for humanity and it's long term survival than truth.