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Keith Lewis
Posted over 4 years ago
Why do we always have to be right? How can we learn to accept that we aren't, while understand others?
I love this topic Codruta ... It seems to be a matter of being truly interested and authentic. To transform yourself (because we cannot truly transform otehrs, only give what we can) is to really care about what others think and then build your construct around that ... Not change your beliefs, but at the very least understand and take in another's stance and view. Saying you do not know something can put you in a position far more comfortable than pretending to know everything. Our choices define us and if we choose to admit not knowing, as well as actually listening to the opinion of others, that is when we truly learn. I think it is a hard conscious effort to transform yourself ... Something you have to actually stop yourself and say ... OK, think about this, and then react. I know I struggle with it daily and get frustrated at those around me who are semmingly oblivious to caring about others. I can definitely tell you that on this one, "I don't know the ultimate answer" ... but thanks for allowing me to chat about it. Take Care!