lorris Williams

MFA Candidate, Academy of Art University, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA, United States

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Currently pursuing my MFA in Industrial Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. My undergrad degree is in Environmental Biology. I am hoping to use Biomimicry as a jumping off point for my thesis project. I want to explore biomimetics from an Industrial Design Standpoint.

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lorris Williams
Posted over 4 years ago
How do you envision "Biomimicry" will change our future?
A really important aspect of applying biomimicry is to look to nature and natural processes for means and standards to apply to measuring the success of our biomimetic efforts. Janine Benyus calls this "nature as measure". How well are our nature inspired solutions/technologies fitting in with the worlds ecosystems? How closely to they resemble closed loop systems? I am really inspired by achievements in biomimetic farming eg. "do nothing" farming in japan. I'm an MFA student currently thinking about exploring biomimicry as it relates to Industrial Design for my thesis. Currently seeking input on this. Should biomimicry be applied by industrial designers? Are there specific problems more suited to biomimetic solutions? How will biomimicry effect use scenarios?