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Edwin Alberts
Posted over 3 years ago
How will we remember those last remaining people who lived through World War Two? As soon they will be gone
We now have the opportunity to really get someperspective of what really happened durring the war. I've heard stories, from my dad (5th Air Force), about the brutality in the pacific. I've talked to men who served in Europe, with the 29th Division, and Darby's Rangers. If these stories, and remember, they would be stories, colored by time, edited by memory (good and bad), could be collected and presented as a diary, used to illustrate what happened, to the men, their families and the countries involved. We need to teach the next generations that there were people who put their lives on the line, some came back, come came back physically, but left a part of themselves 'over there', and some are still there, in marked and unmarked graves. The important part for me is that we teach what went on, truthfully told, no embellishments, just the facts, no editorlialism.