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Putney, VT, United States

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From public schools of Fairfield, Connecticut to Brandeis University (Political Science 1966) to Uuniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst (Master of Arts in Teaching Program). Teacher's certificate, Social Studies 7-12. Later, 25 years in human services, 8 in family welfare services, 17 in social services, child protection and juvenile services. Other work experiences in teaching, tax return preparation, personnel recruiting, religion teacher (Christian Education), gardening, landscaping, house construction. Self-directed education studying how people learn, human memory, social and psychological science, brain development, religions, history, geometry math and science, including UFO literature, over period of 50 years. All self-directed education directed toward personal mission to persuade anyone interested that theymust give serious consideration to the proposition that the true original purpose of the New Testament Gospel was to teach evolution and how the evolutionary process operates on the human species: Survival of the good steward is survival of the fittest.

An idea worth spreading

Because we are technological animals the evolutionary process will operate upon our species in a particular way that applies to all technological animals: We must be good stewards of the life-supporting environment or we will be naturally de-selected for perpetuation. Survival of the good steward is survival of the fittest. In the history of Western Civilization, evolution and how it will apply to the human species was first taught in the New Testament Gospel. This is the logical conclusion of any reasonable person who studies the Gospel as a scientific document rather than as being restricted to moral philosophy or religious or moral doctrines.

I'm passionate about

The reconciliation of science and religion

Talk to me about

Why you are uncomfortable looking at the Gospel message with new eyes in order to examine it as a scientific document about evolution - or maybe you are willing to do so.

People don't know I'm good at

Examination of the Gospel message as a scientific document using the two principles and the five questions (see website, or Religion for Adults video).

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