Elena Markovich

Student - M.A. European Studies, St. Petersburg State University
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

About Elena


I was born in the very end of 1987 in Leningrad (which was later renamed to St. Petersburg), Russia. My mother and grandfather are both doctors, since childhood I heard lots of beautiful stories from them about strength of people's will to recover from hard diseases and how it is important for people to learn and share stories about courage of other ones. As a schoolgirl I studied at music school and every summer I went with music tours to European countries. This made me a global soul I believe. We often gave concerts at churches and stayed to listen after that to discussions of local church communities. At that time I realized what is "Community" and how wonderful it is that just some random people who are not connected with each other as relatives or close friend are able to discuss common problems and share ideas of solution and so move things forward. This was a phenomenon that which was absent at those times in young post-soviet Russia. After school I've decided to study international relations at St. Petersburg State University. Due to specific character of my education field I got opportunities to travel and see the world, which is a possibility available to only 10% of Russian people. I lived in the US and Europe, saw lots of good practices those I wanted to bring to my country. I was trying to find myself in different fields, which brought me to business, government and creative places of work and internships. I took part in international youth conferences and competitions and tried to find solutions to global challenges with youth from all over the world at the Ford Foundation Scholar Program in Washington, DC. Now, when I'm finishing my master degree I want to use all my life experience and knowledge to make my native city St. Petersburg a better place. For this goal TEDx is an ideal format. It moves people speak about what they know, crave, dream about, it moves people share, communicate, it inspires, it builds community, it stimulates dialogue, creates agenda and values in the society.