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Neal Goldsmith
Posted over 4 years ago
Why there are none of the great thinkers of psychedelic science @TED??
.... Roland Griffiths, MD (Johns Hopkins), Julie Holland, MD (NYU), Bob Jesse (, Andy Letcher, PhD, Michael Mithoefer, MD (MDMA for PTSD), Ethan Nadelman, JD, PhD (, Bill Richards, PhD (Johns Hopkins), Steve Ross, MD (NYU), Franz Vollenwieder, PhD (U. Zurich) and etc. Psychedelics are the most powerful psychiatric medicine or spiritual sacrament ever discovered. Every civilization in history has incorporated visionary plants into their culture and spiritual traditions, with a few exceptions (such as the Inuit, who don't have a visionary plant in their ecosystem), notably Western civilization. While our culture is facing dire challenges in values and ecology, psychedelic research is undergoing nothing less than a renaissance. I believe we are in the process of creating a post-postmodern society - an integral society - that transcends, heals, the disaster of Cartesian dualism. An integral science is post-postmodern. That is, after the extractive, power orientation of modernity, after the existential void of postmodern deconstruction, we are now moving toward an integral approach to reality, one that integrates seeming opposites—such as tribal and scientific—and makes us whole again. Psychedelics as a policy issue has to do with individual freedom, religious freedom, and personal well-being. As a catalyst for debate on topics such as scientific and individual freedom versus government control, psychedelics evoke “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” at its most fundamental. Science, spirtuality, public policy, anthropology, psychology as "psycheology" (the study of the soul) - psychedelics call up so much worth discussing, so many ideas worth spreading. I would wager that a higher than average proportion of TED members are personally interested in psychedelics. Let's introduce psychedelics to TED; both will benefit from the association!