Ana María Gonzalez Forero

Executive Director, FEM Colombia
Cartagena, Colombia

About Ana María


I am 35. Mother of Rosario and Rodrigo, unschooled (there are only 90 homeschooled families in the country so it has NOT been easy). I was married for 10 years and separated 5 years ago so I am in charge (financially and emotionally) of my home. I am a political scientist, Master in Education. I cofounded FEM (Foundation for multimensional education) with a group of friends in 2007. There, we work to empower communities and fight inequality (fiercely, philosophically, with actions). I work for a living at ACDI/VOCA Colombia. We are in charge of the Program for Afrocolombian and Indigenous peoples. I am a passionate, reflexive and upforward woman. I enjoy learning on my own. Colombia is a rough country: beautiful and contradictory. I consider myself to be a leader in the sense that leaders never get tired, we always keep on, and almost never let hopelessness seep in.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Education & Development

I'm passionate about

Change and learning

Talk to me about

Alternative education, Colombian Politics, Music, technology

People don't know I'm good at

Singing and playing the guitar.

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Ana María Gonzalez Forero
Posted over 3 years ago
What can you share with the world?
What we have to offer the world is the incredible joy and passion that we have in our hearts, the strong spirit to tackle the problems that come every day, the ingenuity to solve these problems, imagination and positivity to always see the bright side of all, the love we have for our society and community and the desire to succeed no matter the circumstances are.