W. Lee Nichols

Lake Toxaway, NC, United States

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Resort Management and Development 25 years, Private Estate Management 24 years. Visual arts and various studies in culture, food, and ceremonial lifestyles. Lifetime practice in alternative lifestyle and health. Currently exploreing planet earth and its many wonders and magic.


English, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Cultural anthropology Visual Arts Estate Management

An idea worth spreading

We are the solutions to the planets discontent.

I'm passionate about

Working with the planet and its diverse cultures to stabilize and restore ancient wisdoms'

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People don't know I'm good at

Compassion, listening, dreaming and brainstorming, working to bring a vision into reality.

My TED story

My mission is to show and tell seniors "do not retire." Those words suggest that our mission is over. In fact it sends a message to our entire system to shut down and turn off. Instead we need to dream big and dedicate the wisdom of life's lessons to projects we believe in. We can make a difference but not by watching the news on TV. Retirement is an obsolete program and we as a society need to click the delete button.

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W. Lee Nichols
Posted over 4 years ago
Does this mean that your "total language proficiency" is a zero sum game?
My understanding is that after puberty (or near that) a seperate section of the brain does the learning of a new language and will have to go thru "translation" in the portion of the brain that learned the base language. I was not exposed to a second language until my teens and still have difficulty "hearing" foreign languages. My grandaughter, however has spoken 3 languages since age 2. She is now 8 and responds easily to other languages.