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CEO & Founder, Shifting Gears Business Coaching & Consulting
Howell, NJ, United States

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My 20+ years in the corporate arena embodies specific expertise and success in sales, leadership, coaching and team building with particular focus in the mortgage banking and healthcare industries. During my sales career with a leading mortgage banking company, I was a consistent top producer nationally. I was responsible for breathing new life and increased results into existing programs through my innovative ideas and ability to have them implemented. I shifted industries and as a sales executive with a healthcare company, I also served as a consultant to the executive team to assist them in redesigning their sales process as well as their marketing message. In addition to becoming their top producer, I raised their sales team from “order takers” to consultative sales professionals. Through collaboration with her team, a coherent and innovative marketing message was created. The organization reclaimed their status as a leader in the industry and began to win business again.

I hosted m own internet-based talk show, “The Exceleration Zonesm” in 2004 and have been quoted in The NY Times and other internet and national print publications. I am trying to write a book which drives to the heart of how our choices, not our circumstances, determine the course of our lives. I will challenge readers to ask themselves if their current process is working for them and, if not, suggest how they can pull out of the spiral to take ownership of their decisions and thus, the direction of their lives. People determine outcomes; circumstances do not.

As a coach, my clients consistently define my candor, humor, directness and ability to get to root issues as the hallmark of my value. (Read testimonials at my website www.karlarobertson.com) As personal advisor, challenger, truth-sayer, sounding board and subject matter expert in various niches, I seek to provide a confidential and stimulating environment for executives, leaders and rising stars to explore possibilities and create a plan of action.

A collaborator by nature, I engage my clients to identify their indisputable strengths and successes then to plot a course to raise the bar and execute. Along the way, clients benefit from my objective eyes, ears, mind and heart. Humor and candor, find their way into our conversations and challenge their thought processes, belief systems and operating behaviors. Ultimately, it’s all about how you think and how your thinking leads to how you choose among options and how you show up in the world. How leaders, anyone really, chooses to respond to and engage with each other in the midst of circumstances will determine their ultimate success or failure and what the ride will be like along the way. It’s not about the circumstances; it’s about how people choose to deal with them.

What is at the core of a great leader? I believe it is this: A developed and wise use of backbone and heart when engaging with others, a solid sense of right and wrong, a talent for integrating analytical and emotional intellect, the gift of lighting the spark of innovation and desire for learning in others, the commitment to be candid when communicating, the ability to be decisive in the moment, the ethical code to admit a wrongdoing and the honor to make it right, the commitment to keeping your leadership fitness and your physical fitness sharp by exercising body and mind; and believing that to achieve anything of significance, you have to risk some aspect of comfort and get in the game to take your best shot.

7/99 – Pres. Founding President—The Karla Factor LLC
Coaching/Consulting practice. Executive and team coaching and consulting. 1997-1999 Express Scripts, Inc.-VP, Sales-East Region 1987-1997 Prudential Home Mortgage Company (now Wells Fargo Home Mortgage) 1987-1992-Business Development Manager-Wholesale Div.-#1 producer for 6 consecutive years nationally ~ 1992-1997-Marketing Director-Corporate Division

• B.S. Psychology &Marketing
• Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
• Corporate Coach U Certified Graduate (CCUCG)
• MBTI® Master Practitioner
• Lego Serious Play™ (1-3)

Coach - Speaker - Facilitator - Leader - Funny Person


French, Spanish

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Personal coaching to executives, teams and rising stars

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Moving people's thinking to embrace the power that exists in them to rewire their brains to think and feel in more positive and productive ways that will contribute to the global uplift of all humans.

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Sedona, Hawai'i, executive coaching, how our brains determine outcomes, corporate retreats, traveling, San Francisco, NYC, movies, jokes, recovering from the loss of a child, great restaurants

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being silent

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Karla Robertson
Posted about 3 years ago
Can I help you find a TEDTalk you remember watching?
Hi Emily-Thanks for doing this. Okay HELP! Here's what I remember about the video I can't find: She was a science prodigy, had at the age of 14 approached Princeton University to see if they needed any help. I think she was 19 when she did the TEDtalk. Anyway, her main topic was that she was researching different approaches to finding a cure for cancer and her theory was based on a question she asked herself which was: What if a cancerous tumor actually started out as cells that were sent out to heal a damaged area of the body and somewhere along the line it's DNA changed and mutated into a cancerous cell and multiplied. She also mentioned that her research showed that we never find cancers in skeletal muscle tissue. So her premise was what if we helped these cells finish their original purpose and instead of going to war with them and trying to kill them with chemo, what if we were able to reverse their DNA back to what it originally was and help them do their healing? I think she started out talking about her grandmother who was Hungarian??? (not sure about that) who was her inspiration for going into this line of research. thank you! I watched it on the regular TED site and it was at least 2 years ago. Anyway, hope you find her.