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Owego, NY, United States

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Jaime Mendelis
Posted over 4 years ago
TEDTalk Public Schools
It is absolutely possible to create a school based on the principles of TED talks. Cutting edge technology and newly-structured buildings would be lovely, but it really comes down to recognizing that we are educating students for jobs that haven't even been created yet. That what we, as students, had to memorize and regurgitate on a test or quiz can now be researched within seconds on a phone. Cultures that we wrote penpal letters to across the world can now Skype classroom to classroom at a moment's notice. A school that realizes this would have integrated classrooms, rigor in learning to learn, focus on the ability to collaborate effectively with others, and purposeful instruction that empowered every student regardless of socio-economic background the power of independent thinking and initiator of his/her own learning. Teachers would not only realize, but identify, the strengths and needs of every single child in their classrooms, and instruct accordingly. There are such philosophies emerging in public education: constructivism, for one. Project-based learning. Student-centered classrooms where the teacher works as a mentor rather than the all-knowing expert. Great teachers are doing this now in our schools. The problem is, they are few and far between. Many are isolated for this progressive thinking and squashed by district, state, and federal pressure of standardized test. A TED school is possible -- it would just take funding to start and carefully selected educators to carry the vision to fruition.