About Andrei


Professional Experience

Period June – July 2006
Occupation or position held Translator german / english- romanian
Main activities and responsabilties Facilitating Comunication between the local administration and European evaluators
Name and address of employer Barnova Townhall
Type of buisness or sector Public Administration

Education and training

Period October 2010 - June 2012
Educational Institution Universitatea din Bucuresti, Facultatea de Stiinte Politice
Specialization Master „Compared Politics: Central and Eastern European Politics and Societies” (english section), first year

Period October 2006 – July 2010
Educational Institution Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Iasi, Faculty of Economy and Buisness Administration
Specialization Management, License domain Leadership

Period September 2002- June 2006
Educational Institution ”Vasile Alecsandri” Highschool, Iasi
Specialization Mathematics and Computer Science

Period June 2010
Name of Course/Training Training Program for initiating and developing Buisness
Educational Institution Regional Cooperation Programme for Entrepreneurial Excellence, financed by the European Social Fund

Period May 2010
Name of Course/Training Marketing Manager
Educational Institution Regional Cooperation Programme for Entrepreneurial Excellence, financed by the European Social Fund

Period March 2007
Name of Course/Training Technical training in insurance sales
Educational Institution Maxi – Go –Broker Insurance broker agency

Period April 2006
Award Spoken English Contest, Section Impromptu Speech, third prize
Educational Institution/ Organizer The Moldavian Association of Teachers of English (MATE)

Period Iulie 2005
Award National competition ”Europe of tomorrow” , national phase – fourth place
Educational Institution/ Organizer Ministry of Education and Research

Period May 2005
Award Spoken English Contest, Section Impromptu Speech, First prize
Educational Institution/ Organizer The Moldavian Association of Teachers of English (MATE)

Period May 2005
Award National competition ”Europe of tomorrow” , local phase – first place
Educational Institution/ Organizer Ministry of Education and Research

Period June 2004
Name of Course/Training Trainings comprising the International Class project: Cultural Understanding, Project Management, Time Management, Team Building și Decision Making.
Educational Institution AIESEC ( Treining project conducted by members from Iași and also international members)

Period iunie 2001
Award Spoken English Contest, Section Prepared Speech, second prize
Educational Institution/ Organizer The Moldavian Association of Teachers of English (MATE)

Organizational skills and abilities During my university years I had the opportunity to take initiative and organize work groups for several projects: Initiation and small business management - feasibility study, Quality Management - Improving the process of granting a bank loan. In addition I have had the oportunity to further consolidate these skill durind my work as office manager and as coordinator and comunications facilitator for the europpean expert at Barnova.

Technical skills The trainings I attendet, in addition to my university projects have granted me insight to elaborating: a business plan, feasibility study and marketing plan. I have also learned to carrey out a marketing survey while working on my license paper. I am also familiar with administrating data baseses and liaising with company parteners and public institutions.

Computer skills Advanced use of the internet and Office pack, also some knowledge of programming and webdesign.

Artistic abilities I can write creative speaches, which I can also deliver in front of audiences regardless of their size or status. I have a critical eye for design.

Other skills Advanced negotiation skills, excellent communication skills in English, using Neuro-Linguistic Programming in communication. I also have excelent persuasion and mediation skills, proven leadership and teambuilding skills. I perform well under presure and usualy take initiative when circumstances allow it. I enjoy multytasking, networking and problem solving roles. I am a team player and I play to win – a trait I obtaind during my 4 years of practicing archery. I participated to local and national contests, for which I won prizez both for individual and team competitions.

Hobbies and personal interests Universal history and geography, macroeconomic theory, geopolitics, international organizations and structures, personal development, psychology, sociology, collective reasoning, social entrepreneurship, ecology, principles of self-sustainability.
Driving License Category B, January 2006, driven more than 60000km nationally and throughout Europe.

Areas of Expertise

Management, Marketing + Event Management + Business Development, Political Science (National and International), direct democracy, macro-economics, Sustainable and Democratic Design, Sustainable Agriculture, self sustaining life styles, public delibaration systems, Sustainable Development

An idea worth spreading

I am working on an idea of empowering disadvantaged rural subsistence farming communities by education. The education outcomes focus on high yeald Eco farming solution, sustainable Eco building methods, alternative cheap energy, public deliberation and conflict resolution, communitarian decision making, collective political initiative and lobby, solving local problems locally, complementary education for children, internet accessibility and proficiency, experience exchange with global communities. This is an ongoing project still in the planning stage, if you have interests, suggestions or ideas related to this topic or if you want to suggest a partnership or collaboration please contact me.

I'm passionate about

Ecology History Management Social entrepreneurship alternative societies alternative politics self sustainability technology webcommunities social justice empowerment and education grassroots politics

Talk to me about

Direct democracy & public participation in policy making. Sustainable development . Ecology & environmentalism. Spirituality & philosophy. Alternative energy Alternative & self sustainable communities

People don't know I'm good at

alternative political systems design, sustainable community design, empowerment education solutions, grassroots decision making mechanism design, spirituality and universal principles, public speaking

My TED story

I love TED, I am working to co-host a TED event on the topics I love so much.

Comments & conversations

Andrei Iuroaia
Posted over 4 years ago
Implement a TED-style Open-democracy social-networking Website for gov, citizens, voting on issues, bills, elections, local, state, National
I am also working on such a system. I have the idea...rather a compilation of good ideas fused together in synergy. My concept is not based on involving gov officials but rather citizens. The modern political mechanism, even in it's most free and democratic form still does not allow proper citizen participation. The framework is simple: you have an on-line social media network, there is a list of policy issues, a list of NGOs, individual citizens and gov. organisms suggesting solutions ( policy drafts), then you have a centralized way of tracking each citizens concerned as well as specializations. The next step is open debate loosely moderated ( this requires citizens with similar concerns and specializations to deliberate in specialized forums) followed by formulation of bills supported by public initiatives ( a number of signatures is necessary to trigger a referendum). As a user you are informed by the site about those topics that concern you or that you might be a useful asset in solving or that somebody you know recomends. There are several weak points like who has a saying on what issue and does it count if I have a PhD at all or just on some issues. There is also the need to link such a framework to information supplier sites and in such a way that relevant information is easily accessible in any sub-forum debating a particular specific issue. There is also the issue of involving those citizens who do not have internet access or do not know how to use it ( this is particularly relevant in my country). There is much to say on this topic, but I can assure you from the get go that such a system will provide citizens a mechanism for solving their own local issues much easier and help local communities link to each other by providing already aplayed solutions as an open source reference on the site. This is actually what I'm working on and researching and I invite all those interested to contact me as I am not lacking ideas but rather resourc