Business designer & strategist, Jet Swain Inc
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

About JET


Jet Swain is a strategist: a creative, a generalist, an interpreter, a change agent.

With many years’ strategic marketing and management experience, having worked in both creative agencies and with corporates, Jet designs strategies that strike a balance between the analytical and the intuitive.

Building on the knowledge that today’s leaders recognise that courage, vision, and out of the box thinking can unlock many of their critical issues, Jet has established a practice where she collaborates with senior executives crafting strategies that build long-term sustainable businesses. She cuts to the core of her client's needs in a nanosecond and spend the rest of the time imagineering solutions for them.

The challenges around business are more profound and more sophisticated than they’ve ever been. And more than rigour, management discipline, integrity or even vision, creativity is what’s needed to navigate the highly volatile and increasingly complex global business environment. In her work she is recommending a shift in leadership style to one that is more collaborative, motivational, creative & engaged.



Areas of Expertise

Innovation, Design, Insights/Strategy, Brand and innovation strategy, Business strategy, Marketing Innovation, Brand, Advertising, consumer advocacy, Social Media

An idea worth spreading

A little bit of intuition thrown in the mix.
Design has become a key brand, product & service differentiator, the thing that helps a company show they "get it". Some have "got it", but some have not. Steve Jobs "got it" but Bill Gates did not, and the rest is now history. But its not just the design of products that matters, its the design of business.
Instead of becoming fixated on reliability, companies need to develop a way to balance reliability and validity, to accept abductive reasoning and take leaps of faith. One way to do this is through the adoption of design thinking as a business methodology.
Design’s seven essential ingredients fit well into any business designed to succeed in the 21st century.

I'm passionate about

Design-driven innovation: The goal of trying to predict what we are going to do next drives innovation to new, greater levels. Creating innovations that customers do not expect, but fall in love with.



Talk to me about

No matter what you do for a living, design matters.
In the years to come smart businesses will use design to innovate not just new products, but new ways of experiencing, working, leading, & seeing.

People don't know I'm good at

Analysing two opposing concepts and quickly formulate a third and better model.

My TED story

Every executive has their own personal culture, their own vision of the evolution of the context of life in which their (clients) products & services will be used.
My personal culture reflects my vision about why people do things, about how values, norms, beliefs, & aspirations could & should evolve. It is a culture built from years of immersion in social explorations, experiments, & relationships in both private & corporate settings.
Every person relentlessly builds their culture, often implicitly, by simply being immersed in society & through individual explorations of life.
Executives do not need to be experts in cultural anthropology or pretend to be gurus or evangelists. Culture is one of the most precious gifts of humanity. Everyone has it. Often, however, this gift remains unharnessed. Management theories do not help us unleash it. Rather, they often suggest that people hide it.
It is the harnessing of this gift that will change the way we do business.

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