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Antonio Spears
Posted over 3 years ago
What about TED-based clubs in schools? TED-based classes?
I think this is an excellent idea! I am currently a junior in college and was recently introduce to TED and it has now become a daily routine to watch videos and view discussions on TED. This website has helped stimulate my mind and allowed me to also engage others in conversation about "ideas worth spreading"! I have been viewing your comments and suggestions and will take them into consideration when organizing a Ted Club or Society. I strongly believe this will get many people involved and engaged in our community and society and help people start to actually "think". It's amazing how I haven't even known about TED for more than a month and already hooked! I would love to hear more suggestions. Hopefully, if one does get started at my college we can have some local sponsors to help us have live webcasts. I'm new to this so your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!