shiv agrawal

Executive Director - Vgroups India PvtLtd, Infosys Technologies Ltd
Bhubaneswar, India

About shiv


Working In Infosys Technology Ltd as Senior System Engineer
Work Exp: 2 years.

Founded under Vgroups India Pvt. Ltd in 2008
funding 1 Orphanage from last 1 year


Bengali, English, Hindi, Oriya

Areas of Expertise

Software - mainframe, Web Design / Web Development, Entrepeneurship, Leadership Development, Positive thinking, Motivating and, hopefully, inspiring

I'm passionate about

Entrepreneurship and leading mass public.
Public speaking

Talk to me about

Any thing, and problem. If you feel sharing your felling gives you happiness or release your stress then i welcome your to share it with me.
want to discuss about Public agenda and on Entreprenurship

People don't know I'm good at

Motivating people, Career counseling. and generating Ideas

My TED story

Yet to be started. will be started. i feel TED my experience in TED will not be history or story. it will be live example for others. I feel We narrate story and then forget it.
Lines for TED " Lead by Example"

Comments & conversations

shiv agrawal
Posted over 4 years ago
Why Donation why not Responsibility?
Hi Philip, i agree with your point to only some points. you said "By DONATING money, one makes change possible. " My Question is " Why people give money thinking as if they are Donating for some cause. why not they are giving it as their Responsibility?" What i believe is, If we do any task thinking it as if it is my own responsibility to complete then it can be completed faster, more easily and in a better and effective manner.