Ian Surridge

Design Student
Cape Town, South Africa

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In short, Graduated from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, (South Africa) with a B-tech degree in Fine Art sculpture. Then worked in South Korea for 2 years teaching English. Currently Doing a one year print media course at Friends of Design in Cape Town.



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Artist / Designer

I'm passionate about

Art/Design (and anything associated to that) Currently very interested in Biomimicry, and the Cradle to Cradle approach to design.



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Anything innovative, brilliant, and promoting a better life and world.

People don't know I'm good at

Creating systems and plans for improving society's ability to function effectively

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Ian Surridge
Posted about 3 years ago
I think the Presidents shouldn't get paid while in office.
Well I have to say that what ever salary they get those that want to corrupt them can and in many cases do, just offer them more money. I think corruption is not the result of the amount of money on offer, but rather the result of the flawed character of that person. The "ideal" of my proposal, is to route out those people that want the position of presidency for the wrong reasons. I mean they are (in most countries) only in office for 4 years, and besides it is not like they are living from pay cheque to pay cheque before they get to the point of being able to run for the presidency of a county. These are successful people, it just some are successful for the wrong reasons, and they are the ones to try and discourage.
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Ian Surridge
Posted about 3 years ago
Why don't we have economies built on the growth of well being and happiness, instead of material things, which by the end have no value?
Of course it is not possible to create a system that delivers happiness as a product. Yet we could have economic and social systems that promote it. We should be helping people to be successful as people and not only as potential customers. Everyone should be given the opportunity to find and then do what they want to do, instead of being forced to find any form of work just to sustain a life of pointless work. Yes there does need to be a huge paradigm shift, from governments and leaders, to go from (How can we make more money than we did last year?) to (How can we be better than last year?) As a county, as people.....