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Eric Pritchett
Posted over 4 years ago
A conversation with GE: What are the best ideas for alternative energy management at home?
Here are my ideas: 1. Home Hub (optional, but a much cleaner setup)- Create a framework/hub within the home that can be expanded on. Leviton has wall media enclosures that would be perfect for this at Design a unit that easily allows modules (plug computes) to be plugged into it. 2. Modules - Use SheevaPlugs and GuruPlugs found at for the necessary computing power to run certain application servers such as power monitoring, home automation, phone system, etc. These plug computers take 3 watts of power on idle (I think 8 watts max) and run a 1.2Ghz processor. is the company behind plug computing and it's a completely open hardware and software platform. The modules discussed in item 2 would plug into your home hub. So, if you want home automation server, file server, power usage server, phone system, etc plug it into your hub... easy takes 1 step. The dev kit for the SheevaPlug cost $100, but much cheaper if you order them in bulk. This is something I've been working on with the company I just started. All of this can be done today with existing technology and be ready for the masses in months.