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Daniel Siqueira
Posted over 3 years ago
Misunderstanding Ethics and the purpose of this talk
We become the tools we create. When fire and meat were around it allowed us to develop smaller teeth, and possibly, larger CNS. Was that good, or bad? When knowledge and superstition about nature allowed us to domesticate plants and animals we made them into our tools. From silk to horses and dogs. Was that good, or bad? When smaller groups of people cooperated for longer periods of time it allowed us to develop cities and civilization Was that good, or bad? Now we are upgrading our knowledge about nature and it's allowing us to develop more efficient and sustainable tools. Processes and objectives barely dreamed by people in our own generation. BAD?? The history of human subject experimentation is NOT scandalous. It's not good, or bad, how about we think in terms of: "Was it helpful?", "Should we continue to do it?" and "Can we strip away what's unnecessarily harmful and solve ethical problems to move towards our intended goals?" Just think of all the medical trials done with countless volunteers at the edge of survival and the crossroads of human knowledge, striving to cure themselves and at the same time willing to put faith in humanity to better medicine for us all even if it costs him some time on the cosmos. We owe to the ones before us and the ones who'll follow us to be brave and move forward in the best way possible to know during our lifetime, anything less just won't cut it! I was wowed by the presentation, such beautiful forms, such amazing processes and methodologies. Let's crack these problems. We'll synthesize a "kill switch" protein specific for GMOs, in some protein "information band" unused by natural DNA. Let's make sure no creature capable of conscience, however we define it, can live without possibility for "natural life cycles", however we define them. I want glow in the dark fish, and a "piganoid" liver, and energy producing algae, and neuron computers, and a helmet to mentally "be" with your loved one, like sharing an awaken dream yfy!
Daniel Siqueira
Posted almost 4 years ago
Should Governments start to measure what really matters to people - their happiness? Or should they stay out of such a private matter?
This is something I've recently had a change of mind. Not quite change as much as blurring of mind. No doubt that happiness is an important experience to have in life. But the more I thought about happiness as Guiding Principle the more it seems trivial. I take the example of my country, Brasil. What if we took happiness as the most important measure of the economy. Well, certainly the government would start shifting (or increasing) investments into Carnaval, soccer matches, subsidizing prostitutes, beer and caipirinhas. The happiness index would skyrocket, and most of the people would indeed be more happy, but is that what we should be striving for? As I said before, I have no current stance on this and as much as I agree that individual human well-being should be at the forefront of collective decision making, happiness strikes me as a very superfluous value. Not only that, but most of the things that we decided to be a part of our lives, because they makes us happy, were started by events that brought us "poor-being", discomfort or even physical and psychological pain. How could you tell if certain occurrences of "poor-being" won't turn into major well-being factors in the near of far future? I remember the dread of learning some things in high-school that caused anger (not well being), but I'm very glad I did, cause it gave me the basis to love learning now. Similarly we could imagine that going to the dentist and fixing your cavities will bring you a lot of suffering, pain and discomfort. But the good that comes from that is, most of the time, worth the suffering. Emotional development works the same, it may be awful to go through some things growing up, like love break ups, friend betrayal or death of close ones, but all these "bad" emotional experiences make us grow and eventually (more often than not I hope) learn to be more balanced and have long standing well-being. Perhaps happiness and well-being can't be achieved without suffering.