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Mexico City, Mexico

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Jorge Alejandro DelaVega Lozano is interested in sustainable development with initiatives to improve living conditions without compromising the well-being of future generations.

Provides support at the Construction Sector -Sustainable Architecture & Engineering-. He has been consultant in Mexico for international companies which have exported inputs to producers in Mexico.

Identifies projects that generate certificates of reduction of greenhouse gases; has been pioneer researcher on Jatropha to obtain biodiesel. Studied mechanical engineering and agricultural sciences. Has been plant manager at industries where metal and plastic parts are fabricated; consultant at agricultural developments and adviser regarding conversion of biomass into energy.


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Jorge Alejandro DelaVega Lozano
Posted over 2 years ago
Lee Cronin: Making matter come alive
Elementary particles were formed of energy and radiation during the creation of the universe. Quarks, gluons, leptons and electrons are elementary particles that joined to form atoms and everything thata exists around us. Atoms form molecules.> Molecules form cells.> Cells form tissues.> Tissues form organs.> Organs form systems (digestive, circulatory, etc.).> Systems form complete organisms.