Melissa McClain

Owner - Artistic Director, melissaAnne Colors
Brooklyn, NY, United States

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Melissa McClain
Posted about 3 years ago
Has a TED Talk ever influenced you? How?
The Elizabeth Gilbert talk on Creativity rocked my world! Her application of ways ancient cultures perceived creatives and artists was inspiring and empowering. I love the idea of having my creative "outside" of me. Taking power over my creativity and that "genius" that guides me, and telling it what I need sometimes. It takes some of the pressure off and now when someone says "you're a genius" for something I've created, I silently thank MY genius for its part and for sticking with me. On days/weeks when I'm struggling with my creativity or at odds with my genius...or flat feel like my genius does not exist, I listen to her talk. It's like a mediation to bring me back to a place of comfort and inspiration and be receptive to my genius and my passion. I am hearing her speak in person tonight in NYC and I'm so excited and so thankful for the difference she has made in my thinking and doing!