Petra Wahlgren

Musician and songwriter
Stockholm, Sweden

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My name is Petra Wahlgren. I'm a musician and a songwriter. I sing, play the violin, the piano and the viola. I try to be as open as possible towards different genres of music and sort of blend them all together. So you can hear me play violin in a classical string trio, sing in a rock/pop-band or play som traditional swedish fiddle tunes etc. I love the contrasts! I first heard about TED at a songwriters workshop at Berklee Collage of Music where I studied for 5 wonderful but oh so short weeks. Now back in Sweden I study composition and songwriting along my free lancing. To me, being a TED-translator means keeping in touch with my experiences and memories from Berklee. TED is an unfailing source of inspiration an opportunity to constantly be exposed to new ideas.


English, Swedish

Areas of Expertise

Songwriting, Singing, Music

I'm passionate about

Music, (Song)Writing, Singing, Creativity, Gender equality and Not killing wolfs.

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Music, writing and creativity!

People don't know I'm good at

china- chess.

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Petra Wahlgren
Posted about 3 years ago
Charles Hazlewood: Trusting the ensemble
I took violin lessons from one member of this fantastic orchestra in Boston - that is self-conducting. They perform "experiments" with or without sheet music, with or without a conductor. The conductor (if they have one) makes a gesture and the orchestra interpret it in to sound. This music grows from trust. Every member trust it's own ears and forms the input from their fellow musicians and/or the conductor into a new tone that contributes to the final expression. It seems to me like with this technique your going back to the basic of music (and communication in general): to listen and to respond. I think this would be a very interesting thing to try with young musicians and children as well :) Great talk!