Sarah chase

Chief Business Officer, Horse Lifestyle Network
New York, NY, United States

About Sarah


Sarah A. Chase is the Chief Business Officer at Europe's Horse Lifestyle Network. Sarah is a Media, TV Broadcast, PR and Marketing professional with 10-years international experience. You can follow Chase on Twitter: @chasesa


English, German, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Media Relations , Government Relations Consulting, Rural media & development, Public Relations communications media journalism , Broadcast & New Media Technologist, Television & Media , Marketing / Branding, digital marketing, social media

An idea worth spreading

Are we on the verge of the next Great Awakening? Is religious morality being replaced by a more prominent, ecumenical ethics in the development of a more progressive universal responsibility? Through a more thoughtful examination, study and understanding of classical and contemporary ethics ... can we really develop an attitude of mind that allows us to finally accept, that as a part of our very nature, we concern ourselves with doing what we can, where we can?

I'm passionate about

Crowd sourced news, social media, the Digital Generation, big data and how all these elements, when combined, can bring about positive change in the world. Oh, and horses.


Hiram College

Talk to me about

Everything - an open mind loves to learn.

People don't know I'm good at

Acting, drawing, painting, poetry, sharpshooting, horseback riding, public speaking, running, theatre, movies, television, business, philosophy, politics.

My TED story

Do what you can, where you can.

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