Sandra Rodrigues

Lausanne, Switzerland

About Sandra

Areas of Expertise

tourism & travel, Administration - Executive Support, Social netwoking

An idea worth spreading

Magic wounds for any whishes.

I'm passionate about

I am passionate about travelling, life, friends and family. If I can have all of it gather in the same place I would be so happy....

People don't know I'm good at

Speaking in public.... The stage don't scares me at all.... Maybe one day I will step into one TED or TEDex stage...

My TED story

I got to know TED thanks to my previous employer. I was working for an event company and on of my main functions was to search for potential speakers and themes to be developed in our conferences. I was told to take a look to TED to get some inspiration and since then I have been completly into it and I recommend it to people and friends. And everytime they tell me they didn't know about TED I just found myself thinking "where have you been??? Do you live in this planet? How can't you know about TED?"