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Parker, CO, United States

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I have accomplished a couple dozen pretty amazing things. In doing this, I have explored hundreds more dead end trails that Lewis and Clark. I've learned to extract the highest possible value from experiencing trails that ultimately must be abandoned. I can now get to "No" in the tenth the time it used to take.Today, once again, we've brought a key portfolio of solutions to a launch point. I've learning that every fog bank does have an end with clear views beyond. The key is to never forget what you are working for and being committed to getting even if you arrive banged up, bloodied, humiliated, embarrassed, doubted and having been written off as hopeless. Every one of those is a key and a clue to what problems need to be solved to make the impossible happens.

Areas of Expertise

Gas Production, Gas Production, Microgrids, , Gas Production, Microgrids, Smart Grids, Gas Production, Microgrids, Smart Grids, End to end water system, Gas Production, Microgrids, Smart Grids, End to end water system, Stochastic system modeling and probable outcomes., Atmospheric Science, Biomass Full Cycle, Hydrogen, Energy Storage, all technologies

An idea worth spreading

The equipment needed for carbon, GHG emissions, adequate clean and adequate fresh water, feeding the world, at lower prices is already invented. The barrier is that manufacturing and corporate revenues are served by continuing to sell new equipment and energy. Resource delivery systems need to sell machinery, service and chemicals to stay profitable. Another barrier is that creating a less fearful world would dilute control of the fear driver techniques deployed by the manipulators and political structure.

I'm passionate about

Efficient and well balanced resource applications.Efficiency from the product manufacture , past the meter and all of the way to generation resources and the local environment.

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Vetting good ideas.

People don't know I'm good at

Bicycling, Scuba, Music, Outdoor enjoyment and survival skills, Instructing flying, Personal Coaching, and a bunch of other areas that become relevant from time to time.

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William Ross Williams
Posted about 2 years ago
Should humanity bend to nature or should nature bend to humanity?
Wow. I'm really glad you asked. People in the renewable energy business are trying to convice us we can. that nature should be humanity. Even imagining that we as a creation of nature could become it's master is psychotic. Nature is not. I think nature has been quite tolerant by allowing us to hang around. I'd be getting pretty pissed by now. Nature has an an interesting way of balancing things out. Humans, on the other hand, have messed with Nature enough to cause some imbalance. Will be survive the rebalancing?