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Prince works as the Logistics and Supply Chain Analyst for one of the most innovative sanitation companies, Clean Team Ghana Ltd., providing affordable, reliable solution to the problem of inadequate sanitation infrastructure in countries that are struggling to provide for the basic needs of their burgeoning urban populations. His work at Clean Team includes developing, implementing and evaluating transportation models, managing warehouse operations and optimizing logistics and supply chain activities within the strategic framework of the company.

Prince holds an MBA and a BSc.

Curator: TEDxKNUST & TEDxKNUSTChange. TEDxChange Scholarship Recipient for TEDActive 2013 & TEDGlobal 2013.

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TED Conference

TEDGlobal 2013

Areas of Expertise

coorporate leadership, Management - Projects , NGO Management, Poetry and Writing

An idea worth spreading

Developing state-of-the-art recreational centers across the African continent. It's time to see a smile on every child's face on this continent!!

I'm passionate about

Green Supply Chain and Sanitation Management.

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My TED story

I attended TEDx Harambe in Accra,Ghana and it was definitely refreshing and intellectually stimulating. I also attended TEDxAccraChange. I'm the primary licensee for TEDxKNUST and TEDxKNUSTChange.

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Prince Boadu
Posted over 2 years ago
TEDx event: Speakers
Hello Rosa, I'm glad you are trying to spread the TED spirit through your event. For a youth event,I suggest a blend of both young achievers (teenagers) and young adults.However, the percentage blend will depend on the what you want to achieve through your event. Whatever the case,it is important to get speakers who are energetic and inspiring,and whose ideas are worth spreading! You can also visit the TEDx page on this website for more information.I wish you all the best in your event!!
Prince Boadu
Posted over 2 years ago
How does a country terminate ethnic attachments and achieve national identification?
The Question seems to suggest a negative connotation to one's attachment to his/her ethnic group. It is worth noting that the these smaller ethnic groups are the microcosm of what we know as a 'nation'. In other words,the solution to nationalism does not lie in our attempts to sever the two-nationalism and ethnicity-but rather ensuring a harmonious integration and amalgamation of the two. It is also noteworthy to highlight the fact that ethnicity is not necessarily antithetical to nationalism. As pointed out by some of the contributors to this discussion,Education is key in fostering a sense of nationalism in society, and I mean early education!