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Mumbai, India

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faciliation , Leaderhship, Innovation - Ideas into Action, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution, Sales & Business Development

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"I want to change the world but I don't have time"
All you need is 30 Minutes. ----- Changing the World 30 Minutes:

1. Whenever Someone is Not Listened to ..a little bit of Violence gets Born inside of him...and Consequently ... a little more Violence is added to the World...

30 Minutes Solution:
If EVERYONE spend just 30 Minutes a DAY ...LISTENING to someone..ANYONE completely ...the Violence in our world will come down..Noticeably.

2. Spend 30 Minutes everyday just dong what YOU love to do..unapologeticaly ...read--sing--play--sleep--shower--play cook..anything !!!

3. At Work ..for 30 Minutes switch off as many electrical gadgets you can ..PC ..lights.. ..printer..AC ..and ask your colleagues, department., organization to do the same..maybe in turns..

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Growth..Vulnerability..Innovation..Deconstruction..Reversing Neural Paths..

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Innovation.. Social Enterprise..

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Rhea Dsouza
Posted over 3 years ago
Chris Bliss: Comedy is translation
You are so right bout this Chris..and I do mean it as a joke :) .. I am a Facilitator by profession..and often just before I say something which is going to be provocative, if not heard the whole way through..I ask the participants to , "Listen to what I am about to say as if they are the first two line of a joke" .. and they do.. The Other important thing that comedy creates is "Possibility Listening" - ..Example : An Elephant and ant fell in love,and decided to elope........" See you CAN listen to it and even visualize and follow the story "As IF it were True" . I am so excited , about what all can be loaded on this template. between the GAP of suspended animation ..BEFORE the worldview of people can make meanings. Thank you once again Rhea