Vivien CHANG

Production Coordinator/Manager/Designer, Waivestar
Melbourne, Australia

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Chinese, English

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"He who has a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'."

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Photography,Multi-Cultural novels ,Backpacking, Walking,Blogging,Helping Orphans

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Vivien CHANG
Posted over 3 years ago
Li Yinhe,李银河,Li is a sociologist, sexologist and an activist of LGBT rights in China, her main academic interests are sexual norms in contemporary China, homosexuality and women’s studies. Drunk Piano,刘瑜。She is columnist for Southern weekly and professor of Tsing Hua Uni in Politics.Her books-A bullet for you , Details of Democracy are both very well received. Lv Qiu lu wei, 闾丘露薇,Lv was born in Shanghai ,1969. She was known as “battlefield rose” who is the first female Chinese journalist reporting in Bagdad in 2003. Lv works for Phoenix TV and writes books like Bu Fen Dong Xi (不分东西), about bias on news event, and Walking rose , about her own experiences.