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Nantes, France

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I'm a 18 year-old male from Nantes in France. I'm interested in a lot of things. I play mainly guitar, piano and saxophone alto. I'm currently working on a french learning website, because I love to learn and to teach languages. I got some skills in graphism too. I'm not here to think deeper or faster, but in a different way, on different angles. I'd like to translate some talks too if it's possible. I think I kinda belong here because I see thinkers as designers because they consider things and processes in a different way. As I do it my life, but I would like to expand, develop, our vision to the world to improve it. I gave myself some duties, at least keep the world (on my scale) in its actual state, and if it's possible and I have the opportunities to do it, improve it. I think it's important to think about the future. But by thinking and living in the future ,we waste the present. Yes we need changes, but we also need it from today. Nowadays we don't take enough time to think about evolution. If you want to contact me, my Skype account is hmagyar and my mail is :


English, French

An idea worth spreading

We should improve the present instead of living in/for the future. We also should organise Ted Talks in more places to help people think by themselves around the world.

I'm passionate about

Evolution, design, relationships, learning, teaching.

My TED story

I discovered this website, by looking for websites to learn things, I found a video of Hans Rosling and like I oftenly do, I went into details. Everyday I talk with a lot of new people per day and I mention, it'd be great if this website could have a world consciousness.

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